One of the big questions parents who are considering home schooling their children ask is:

“Can my child enter University or TAFE College after they’ve completed Year 12 by home schooling?”

senior boy learningOur experience has been that home schooling graduates do gain entry into University and TAFE colleges around Australia.

Read a Graduate Student Testimony by one of our graduates.

Our graduates currently gain entrance into University courses and TAFE colleges by means of:

  1. The international SAT test result or
  2. STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) result
  3. ACE Year 12 certificate

A recent study of 438 home schooled graduates indicated the following post home education study pathways:

  • 36% of home educated graduates gained admission to Bachelor Degree courses in Universities around Australia.
  • 21% of home educated graduates gained admission to Diploma Level courses in Universities, Colleges and TAFE Colleges around Australia.
  • 43% of home educated graduates gained admission to Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Certificate courses.

With thoughtful preparation and planning in senior years, home educated students can achieve the same post-schooling pathways as students who have attended schools.

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