Please refer to the Fee Schedule below for annual membership fees. Annual fees can be paid up front or via a 10 month payment plan by credit/debit card or direct debit.

In addition, there is a start-up family fee (once only fee) of $230. Diagnostic tests are $50 per student which includes the cost of the tests and the teacher assessment.

We recommend that parents also allow around $750 per student per year for the cost of resources.

Below are the Annual Student Membership Fees for 2023.

2023 Fees

No. of children in membershipCost
Total for 1 child:$578
Total for 2 children:$958
Total for 3 children:$1,338
Total for 4 children:$1,718
Total for 5 children:$2,098

2024 Fees

No. of children in membershipCost
Total for 1 child:$610.50
Total for 2 children:$1006.50
Total for 3 children:$1402.50
Total for 4 children:$1798.50
Total for 5 children:$2194.50

Please see our ACHS Membership page for services provided to all ACHS members.