Please refer to the Fee Schedule below for annual membership fees. Annual fees can be paid up front or via a 10 month payment plan by credit/debit card or direct debit.

In addition, there is a start-up family fee (once only fee) of $230. Diagnostic tests are $50 per student which includes the cost of the tests and the teacher assessment.

The annual student convention is highly recommended, but not compulsory. Convention costs are available on request.

We recommend that parents also allow around $550 per student per year for the cost of resources.

Below are the Annual Student Membership Fees.

Annual Student MembershipBasicAdvanced
Total for 1 child:$510$820
Total for 2 children:$840$1,360
Total for 3 children:$1,170$1,900
Total for 4 children:$1,500$2,440
Total for 5 children:$1,830$2,980

Please see our ACHS Membership page for services provided for Basic and Advanced support