"What about socialisation?" is the number one question people ask about home schooling.

Often, educators, family, friends and others who are uninitiated to home schooling, believe that home schooling will inhibit a child's socialisation.

On the contrary, global research into home schooling and socialisation indicates that home schooled children are well-socialised and have a good self-concept.

Home schooled children have the opportunity to acquire the rules of behaviour, beliefs and attitudes of their parents, family, church and wider community, rather than being restricted to the attitudes of their age-peers in traditional schooling.

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To say that home schooled students are not well-socialised is an uninformed generalisation, which is contradicted by much scholarly research and anecdotal evidence. Home schooled students are just normal students, who exhibit normal social behaviours.

One of the strengths of good socialisation that Australian Christian Home Schooling (ACHS) emphasises is the development of positive character traits in our students. For this reason, ACHS uses Christian curriculum that encourages students to develop good character.

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