ACHS is part of Christian Education Ministries which supports Christian Education and parent choice in day schools, distance education schools and home schooling.

Benefits and Features of ACHS

K-12 Curriculum
We provide support to families from the pre-reading stage to year 12 graduation. This means you can have the same support and service right throughout your child’s education. We also have a significant number of adults who have joined ACHS to gain year 10 or year 12 certificates.

We are the largest homeschooling organisation in Australia providing a K - 12 curriculum package, which gives us several advantages in terms of curriculum development, community, networking as well as interaction with government departments.

ACHS (formerly Australian Christian Academy) has over 30 years experience providing home schooling support and expertise to families throughout the South Pacific region. We can advise in areas such as learning to read, middle school, high school, careers and gaining entrance to tertiary education.

Academic Support
For parents who would like professional teacher assistance in the teaching of phonics, grammar, maths or the higher sciences, our advanced level of membership is available. We are only one of a handful of organisations that offer this service in Australia.

Dedicated Christian Support staff
A requirement for employment for ACHS staff is that they sign our Statement of Faith and that they are active in Christian ministry.

Diagnostic Testing on Enrolment
Part of our service is to conduct diagnostic testing on enrolment. Your child will do a set of online diagnostic assessments, which will be used to determine the knowledge and skills of each of your children. A teacher will then work in conjunction with you to determine your child’s academic prescription.

Prescription of Academic Program
A qualified teacher will work out an academic prescription for each child. This means your child will begin their school work at a point, which is neither too easy, nor too hard, and they will begin to achieve success immediately. We have found that when a child starts to succeed in academics it naturally, new-found confidence begins to grow along with a love for learning.

Award and Graduation Ceremonies
All students are eligible to attend our annual award and graduation ceremonies, which are held in some of the capital cities of Australia. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your children’s achievements in a public setting. If your family is not able to attend, all awards will be posted free of charge to your home address.

You will receive our bimonthly newsletter, which is always a source of encouragement. It contains positive articles and stories of blessings and challenges relevant to home schoolers.

Facebook Community
We having a growing Facebook community, which you will be welcome to join. Click here to join the group.

Semester Reports
All students receive semester reports, which summarise their academic progress. These are important documents, which form part of each child’s academic and achievement presentation portfolio.

Year 10 and 12 ACE Graduation Certificates
We offer year 10 and 12 graduation certificates. Our graduation certificates are great incentives for students as they seek to have identifiable goals in their secondary years. They are also vital for those seeking TAFE or university entrance.

Access to Student Conventions
Students at ACHS are welcome to enrol in regional, South Pacific and International Student Conventions, which are run by Southern Cross Educational Enterprises.

These are run in selected regional centres each year.

Invitations to Home Schooling Seminars
ACHS member families are welcome to attend any homeschooling seminars run by ACHS at no cost.

Special Diagnosis for Children with Special Needs
If your child has a learning difficulty we provide a service to help determine a modified program, which will best suit your child.

With ACHS Homeschooling is not just a Romantic Notion
Many homeschoolers start out enthusiastically but soon become overwhelmed by lesson preparation, curriculum choice, loneliness, a lack of Australian Christian history material and extensive marking.

Joining ACHS overcomes these problems with a prepared, rigorous and structured K-12 curriculum, which provides an educational routine for you and your children. Of course you are free to include your own educational activities as part of your family’s home schooling program, as well. Our office is open for general support during normal business hours, including school holidays (with the exception of a 2 week break around Christmas), so we will be there for you. Also with our emphasis on community, you and your children will be able to connect and make friends with many others who are likeminded.

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