To keep things simple, we offer two membership levels:

Basic Membership: is for parents who wish to pursue home schooling with limited support from a professional home schooling organisation.

Advanced Membership: is for parents who would appreciate academic support from qualified teachers with home schooling experience.

Let's compare the features of the two membership levels:

 Basic MembershipAdvanced Membership
Registration InformationYou will receive information on how to apply for registration with your state educational authority
Academic SupportDuring the school year, a staff member will be available to answer general questions and provide some support. PLEASE NOTE: This does not include assistance with specific academic queries.This feature provides contact with a teacher for up to 25 times per school year. This allows for teacher-student contact two times a month for any academic queries and five further contacts for extra help as required
Student AppraisementThis is a service whereby ACHS teaching staff assess your child’s academic level. An educational program is set using CEM curriculum products, including ACE curriculum
Assessment & ReportingYour child’s results will be recorded and monitored in line with graduation requirements. Your child will receive semester report cards
CertificationThe opportunity for your child to receive an achieved Year 10 or Year 12 certificate at an additional cost
General support with proceduresYour child will have access to our online educational activities and forums
NewsletterYou will receive a bi-monthly newsletter
SCEE Student ConventionsYour child will be entitled to attend SCEE Regional, South Pacific and International Student Conventions. SCEE is the licensor and distributor of ACE. Conventions attendance is a separate costSouthern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE) Student Conventions – Your child will be entitled to attend SCEE Regional, South Pacific and International Student Conventions
PLEASE NOTE: All family members need to be part of the one level of service. Families cannot have one child in Basic and one in Advanced.

For a more detailed list of what ACHS offers please read 60 Benefits of Joining ACHS.

If you have decided on a membership level, or would like to discuss your situation with an ACHS representative, please complete the enquiry form. We’d be delighted to discuss your situation in more detail.