Joining ACHS provides you and your family with the following benefits.

Parent Training

Our Parent Training Course will enable your family to gain the maximum benefit from our educational program.

Student Appraisement

Our teachers assess your student’s academic levels based on a series of diagnostic tests and in consultation with you. We then set an individualised education program, tailored to your child’s learning levels, taking into consideration any special academic or medical needs.

State Registration Assistance

We are able to provide information and documentation to assist you with your application for home schooling registration in your state or territory.

Academic Support

Our qualified, experienced, registered teachers are able to assist all members with academic support.

Administrative Support

Our friendly admin staff will assist you with any of your home schooling questions.

Online Educational Activities

Australian Christian Home Schooling has the most comprehensive online enhancement program for ACE curriculum resources in Australia. This has been developed by Australian teachers and is provided as part of your membership at no extra cost.

Parent Forums

ACHS also provides parents with various avenues to connect, communicate and share ideas with other home educating parents across Australia.

Assessment and Reporting

We maintain your child’s academic results and records. You will receive semester report cards to assist you with tracking your child’s progress and to help with state registration.

Year 10 and Year 12 Certificate Pathways

Our teachers will work with your child to set a graduation pathway for their Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates.

University, TAFE, Careers Pathways Advice

We assist members with advice regarding the student’s next step after home schooling.


You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter, which includes home schooling information updates, academic tips and upcoming events.

Online Curriculum Ordering

Our e-store allows you to order your child’s curriculum online.

For a more detailed list of what Australian Christian Home Schooling offers please read 60 Benefits of Joining ACHS.

If you would like to discuss your situation with an ACHS representative, please complete the enquiry form. We’d be delighted to discuss your situation in more detail.